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Since 1954 PROTEGO® has built and provided safety devices and tank equipment, now with the help of more than 500 employees worldwide. We are the technology leader and provide global services for our customers, which include research and development, application-specific engineering, and overall protection system design.  Our customers know they can trust in our products and high quality and development standards for process engineering, the petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

PROTEGO® provides Floating Suction Units and Skimming Systems as well as Floating Roof Tank

Equipment. Floating Suction Units PROTEGO® SA/S are designed to ensure that product in a storage tank is drawn off just below the surface of the liquid where it is cleanest. Fixed roof tanks that store liquids with different density, so-called slop tanks, are fitted with the Float-Operated Skimming System PROTEGO® SA/DA for separating the phases.

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