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PAGE Industries has been providing the highest quality equipment to the GSE industry since 1976 by providing to the marketplace such items as 400 Hz Gate Boxes, Line Drop Compensators, military ramp power distribution equipment, hangar power systems, 400 Hz distribution components, PCA Hose Reels, bridge (bogie) mounted PCA Hose Reels, PCA Connectors and Baggage Chutes.  In 2012 to ensure the highest quality customer service and product offerings, Page added highly experienced personnel to the staff along with expanding their product offerings by adding single jacketed and banded 400 Hz AC and 28V DC cables, PCAir hoses, PCAir hose storage devices, and air start/lavatory/potable water components to their product mix.   Due to the innovative nature of the personnel within PAGE the major products being offered are both unique and superior in appearance and functionality then what had been previously been offered in the airline industry.

PAGE your CONDUIT to performance.


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2050 Cessna Drive, Vacaville, California 95688