Detailed Information

Isoil Impianti S.p.A. has a long history on fuel measurement since it was founded on 1958 and actually has a network of 40 distributor worldwide focused on fuel distribution.

Isoil has a specific aviation network to provide selling and servicing metering system worldwide and we are an IATA strategic partner.

Our meters are used by the major truck builders and fuel handler in Europe, Asia, Cina and Africa.

They are approved by the major oil companies and it is approved according JIG.

Our meter’s high accuracy and repeatability permit it to be one of the most popular meters for jet fuel for on board, stationary and Master Meter use.

Several skid solutions for stationary use are available including truck unloading for receiving products and refueller loading both designed according PED 97/23/CE, Atex EN 60079-14 and MID 2004/22/CE.

Isoil Impianti S.p.A. products are fully made in Italy including designs and production.

Contact Information
Via Madonna delle Rose 74, 24061, Albano S. Alessandro