Detailed Information

Hitzinger is an international renowned company for the production of tailored power supplies. It is a leading provider of aircraft ground power supplies, alternators, diesel generators, converters and UPS systems.

Forward-looking concepts and designs are the basis for all developments such as the latest design in diesel-driven ground power units and solid state and rotary frequency converters. Additionally, Hitzinger offers all kinds of connection systems like hatch and pop-up pits, cable coilers and crocodiles. The newly developed pre-conditioned air systems and the individually configurable 400 Hz power plug complete the comprehensive product range.

The headquarters is based in Linz, Austria. Together with more than 40 agencies all over the world and three Hitzinger subsidiaries in the USA, UK and Singapore, Hitzinger is your perfect partner for innovative solutions. They provide the best service from the planning phase to the after sales and guarantee power at the right moment. Anytime. Anywhere.

Contact Information
Helmholtzstraße 56, 4021 Linz, Austria