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ADELTE delivers innovative, made-to-measure and high quality Passenger Boarding Bridges with two or three bodies, a hydraulic or electromechanical elevation system, glass or steel tunnels and an increasing or decreasing telescope extension. Our complete line ranges from Apron Drives and Nose Loaders to T-Bridges and Commuter Bridges. It can service all commercial aircrafts, from the largest A380 to smaller jets, and covers every terminal and all apron-specific configuration needs.

ADELTE is part of ADELTE Group, which brings together all of the advanced solutions for the global travel and transport industries, with more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of Passengers Boarding Bridges (PBB) successfully installed at airports worldwide.

ADELTE provides airports with advanced Ground Support Equipment (GSE) specially designed to significantly enhance operational performance on the ramp and around the Passenger Boarding Bridge.

ADELTE’s PCA Inverter is designed for cooling and heating stationed aircrafts. In heating mode, no electrical resistor is needed as a Heat Pump is integrated to the system which results in a much lower electrical power consumption.

ZEPHIR Inverter Series are designed and engineered to deliver optimum airflow to each aircraft, with an increased efficiency of up to 35% using two inverter compressors four phases and high quality direct drive centrifugal blower (VFD), while consuming the minimum energy.

ZEPHIR PCAs uses R-410A refrigerant which respects the environment. Its high efficiency significantly reduces refrigerant load and CO2 emissions.

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